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      TABLE MODS Call For Installation of Buyout Equipment!  S TA-39 Louvered Hinged Doors TA-4 Removable Access Panel TA-4A Louvered Panel TA-5 Curb Mounting Provision ma od rt Ta ble M ificati      TA-73 Drop-Down Tray Slide TA-74 Solid Tray Slide TA-900 Adjustable Table Height Removable Kick Plate TA-116 Adj. Mid-Shelf $148 /lin. ft. ons Base Modifications   $178 /lin. ft. 480 /lin. ft. 200 ea. 385 ea. 382 /table 282 /table 277 /lin. ft. 441 /door 448 set/2 618 /ea. 347 /lin. ft. 636 /door TA-54 TA-55 TA-63 TA-70 TA-73 TA-74 TA-92 TA-92A TA-116 TA-130 TA-135 TA-205 TA-900 Remove Back Panel (on Enclosed Base) N/C      TA-15 Provision for Built In Drawer Warmer TA-23 Welded Set-Up Table/Crating TA-24 Shell Crating TA-27 Control Panel (Must add TA-34A) TA-36A Sliding/Hinge Stainless Steel Doors TA-36B 1/2 Height Stainless Steel Hinge Doors TA-36C Hinged door with Trash Flap TA-37 Stainless Enclosed Base TA-39 24” Louvered Hinged Doors Removable Shelving (In addition to standard shelf & table width) S/S Tubular Tray Divider (12” sections) Tubular Tray Slide w/Dropdown (Stationary Tray Slide Available. Factory installation only) Solid Tray Slide 12” Apron (in front of sink) 17” Stainless Steel Apron to Cover Sink Bowls and Support Lever Drain Handles Adjustable Enclosed Base Cabinet Mid Shelf- Add to Price of Enclosed Base Table with Fixed Mid Shelf (M) on Page 45. Shelves Over 36” In Length Require Multiple Sections With Center Partition. For Partial Shelves Add To Price Of Shelf On Page 62. Cutlery Dispenser Holder (Undercounter Mounted) Plate Shelf (Undercounter Mounted) Connect Cafeteria Items (Per Joint Between 2 Tables. Requires Casters) Upgrade Table To Be Height Adjustable In Field (Up to 6' Only. Unit Ships Set Up) 376 /table. 702 ea. 255 /lin. ft. 350 /lin. ft. 161 /lin. ft. 242 /lin. ft. 762 ea. 215 /lin. ft. 257 /lin. ft. 513 /set 4431 ea. TA-112 Hubble Outlet 307 ea. 211 ea. 563 ea. 414 ea.                TA-40 Remove Undershelf in Cabinet Base For Slide in Buyout N/C  TA-42 Interior Partition (2.5”x30”) TA-43 Filler Panel (3”x30” with Flanged Feet) 204 ea. 434 ea.   K.D. Aluminum Pan Rack Slides (6 slides. Table min. lgth. 30”) 613 TA-45 K.D. Aluminum Glass Rack Slides (3 slides. Table min. lgth. 3 feet) 560  TA-44     TA-46 Door Locks 283 ea.  TA-48 12”x12” Cut-Out in Back Panel/Undershelf 229 for Plumbing         TA-62 Duplex Outlet TA-62A GFI Duplex Outlet TA-62D GFI Doghouse Outlet TA-62E TA-62F TA-112 TA-622 TA-62F Empty Junction Box Upgrade Outlet to a NEMA 6-20R or Equiv. Junction Box (empty) Below Table Top. Includes 1 Gang Size, Stainless Steel Face Plate Hubble Outlet CAT-5 Data Port Outlet. Cable Not Included electrical & data port outlets   TA-62A GFI Duplex Outlet & Cover Plate in a VKS or KSS (1" Deep) Splash. NEMA 5-20R TA-62C GFI Duplex Outlet & Cover Plate Below Shelf Top. NEMA 5-20R TA-62D GFI Duplex Outlet & Cover Plate in a Doghouse. NEMA 5-20R 401 ea. 436 ea. $464 ea.             56 Email in your specifications to 

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