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 17 Years in a Row! TABLSmEart TMable MOodiDficatiSons top Modifications
                   Advance Tabco
5” NSF Partition Drop-In Urn Trough
CDR-5 Condiment Holder (Accommodates 5 Bins) $784
TA-1 Notch Backsplash For Roll Up Door w/ 142 Pass-Thru
TA-3 Stainless Steel Hat Channel & Gusset Upgrade 51
TA-7 10” Partial Splash 76
TA-8 Column Notch in Rear Splash (Includes Splash) 692
TA-10 5” Partial Splash 64
TA-12 Countertop Edge 636
TA-22 Square Edge Table N/C
TA-28 Cut-Out For Cold Well. Incudes Louvered Doors 1471
TA-29 16 Ga. 304 Rear Splash Capping Strip w/Adhesive Backing 63
TA-30 1-1/2” Side Splash 88
TA-30A 1-1/2” Turn Up For Table Tops 40
TA-31 5” Side Splash 165
TA-32 10” Side Splash 323
TA-34 Top Cut-Out for Drop-In Style Units 242
TA-34A Top Cut-Out for Undermount Well 407
TA-35 Splash Cut-Out 176
TA-41 Poly-Vance 5/8” Cutting Board 89
TA-56 5” NSF Partition 443
TA-56A 18” NSF Partition 638
TA-57 Prepare Welded Field Joint 245 (Welded in field by others)
TA-57A Bolted Field Joint (Bolted in field by others) 517
TA-57B Hairline Field Joint 693
TA-58 Stepdown to 24” Working Height 1093
TA-64 Urn Trough (Factory installation only) 149
TA-75 Mitered Edge 709
TA-76 Paint on Sound Deadening 509
TA-79 Flour Trough (Factory installation only) 187
TA-82 Scrap Chute (6” dia. opening) 239
TA-84 Simple Pass-Thru 628
TA-87 Enclosed Rear Splash 88
TA-91 Poly Retaining Clips Includes TA-22 439 (S/S top table)
TA-93 Wall Brackets (Includes 2. For 5” & 10 1/2” splash only) 76
TA-84 TA-108 Pass-Thru Grommet For Cords
TA-523 CDR-5 Condiment Holder
     /lin. ft.
/lin. ft.
/lin. ft.
/cut out
/lin. ft.
/lin. ft.
/cut out
/cut out
/cut out
/sq. ft.
/lin. ft.
/lin. ft.
/lin. ft.
/lin. ft.
TA-96A Can Opener Provision for Openers with Bolt-on Base (Customer to provide location)
Can Opener Surface Mount Provision with 4” S/S
TA-96B Tube for Openers w/o Base
(Customer to provide location)
Can Opener Spacer Plate Provision for Use on
TA-96C Tables With Countertop Edge & Can Opener Base
(Customer to provide location)
TA-100 Bull Nose All Sides of Worktable
TA-101 Rear Tray Lock
TA-106 Mirror HI-LITE Edge
TA-107 Vacuum Breaker Holes on Tables (Includes Back- splash with 2” Return)
TA-108 2” Hole with Grommet for Appliance Cord
TA-112 Hubble Outlet
TA-113 Notch Top for Buyout Unit
TA-366A Heavy Duty Understructure Top
Install Advance Tabco Drop-In Hand Sinks or Hot
TA-502 Food Unit In Work Table Top (Hot Food Unit Requires
TA-34 Top Cut-Out & TA-27 Control Panel. Does not include wiring. Consult factory)
TA-503 Install Advance Tabco 7-PS-42/7-PS-43
Hand Sinks for Countertops (Includes Cut-Out)
TA-521 Drop-In urn Trough 1’
TA-522 Drop-In urn Trough 2’
TA-523 Drop-In urn Trough 3’
TA-524 Drop-In urn Trough 4’
TA-525 Drop-In urn Trough 5’
TA-526 Drop-In urn Trough 6’
TA-527 Drop-In urn Trough 7’
TA-528 Drop-In urn Trough 8’
TA-529 Drop-In urn Trough 9’
TA-550 Install Customer Supplied Buyout Items (Does not include wiring. Consult factory)
Installation of Customer Supplied Hot Food Wells.
TA-551 (Requires TA-34 Top Cut-Out & TA-27 Control Panel.
Does not include wiring. Consult factory)
$210 ea.
529 ea.
326 ea.
88 /lin. ft.
395 /table
130 ea.
563 ea.
813 ea.
319 /table
528 ea.
417 ea.
148 ea.
293 ea.
441 ea.
589 ea.
608 ea.
644 ea.
682 ea.
702 ea.
745 ea.
786 ea.
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