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 MODULAR BAR DIE SYSTEM Exclusively For Advance Tabco’s Prestige Bar Equipment Contact Our SmartFab Department For Details 800-645-3166 or PRF-20-45ICM (60o Inside Corner) SU-62C (Recessed GFI Outlet) (Recessed GFI Outlet) PRF-20-45ICM (60o Inside Corner) PRF-20-45ICM (60o Inside Corner) SU-62C (Recessed GFI Outlet) SU-78 (Upgrade to 18 Ga.) PRF-20-45ICM (60o Inside Corner) Floor Templates Available SU-82 Call Factory For Pricing BBR-35 PRSJT-12-DR BBR-35 (Back Bar Refrigeration) (Trash Cabinet) (Back Bar Refrigeration) BBR-35 (Back Bar Refrigeration) PRSJT-12-DR (Trash Cabinet) PRWC-19-18 (Dump Sink with Waste Chute) PRSCD-19-18 (Drainboard Cabinet) PRSCD-19-18 (Drainboard Cabinet) PRLR-18 (Liquor Display Cabinet) PRF-2045ICM (60o Corner Filler) PRF-2045ICM (60o Corner Filler) PRRS-19-12 (Blender Stations) PRLR-18 (Liquor Display Cabinet) PRHSST-24-12 (Hand Sink) PRHSST-24-12 (Hand Sink) PRRS-19-12 (Blender Stations) PR-44X42SP-10R (Pass-Thru Workstation) PRLR-18 (Liquor Display Cabinet) PRPOS-18-DR (Point of Sales Cabinet) PRSJT-24-DR (Trash Cabinet) PRDSR-48 (Speed Rail) PRDSR-48 (Speed Rail) GWHT-24 (Glass Washer) PRC-19-48L-10 (Ice Bin & Storage Combo) GWHT-24 (Glass Washer) SU-62C Actual Job Shown Set Up for Quality Check Quality & Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority! Our factory takes the time to set up your entire Bar Die System to ensure all equipment properly fits and matches your 100specifications. Shown with PRF-2045ICM Custom Filler & PLD-2518 Liquor Rack ✔ PRPOS-18 (Point of Service Cabinet) 

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