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                                     Recessed GFI Duplex Outlet
SU-62C $548 Receptacle Box
SU-62F $63
Cool White LED Light 1.5 Watt • Single Box w/ Cover Plate
• Power Supply & Wiring Not Included
SU-BDL-CW $211 ea.
LED Light Power Supply
• 100 Watts
• Handles Up to 35 Lights
SU-BDT-100 $237 ea.
Electrical Conduit
Removable Panel For Beer/Soda Line Installation
Plumbing Lines Drain Conduit
ModulaR baR die systeM
Exclusively For Advance Tabco’s Prestige Bar Equipment
Bartender’s Side: 20 Gauge, 302 Stainless Steel
• Die Wall Can Be Sealed To The Floor, Eliminating Moisture In The Bar Structure.
• Recessed Equipment Outlets Allow Bar Equipment To Be Flush Against Bar Die Wall.
• GFI Outlets Set In Place (To Be Wired By Local Electrician To Meet Local Codes)
• Stainless Steel Panels Supplied Where Equipment By Others Is Located.
• Precise Engineering To Ensure An Exact Fit.
• Enclosed Casing For Beer Towers.
• Soda Gun Outlets Supplied (Location Must Be Specified).
• Cantilever System Made For Advance Tabco’s Prestige Bar Equipment, Eliminating The Need For Legs.
• Pre-Defined Space For Plumbing And Drain Lines.
             Bar Top And Drink Rail Can Be Fabricated From Equipment Drawings Ahead Of Time.
    Galvanized Bar Die Wall
Stainless Steel Exterior On Bar Side, Galvanized Upright Structure
Model # PR-BARDIE $317 per foot Stainless Steel Bar Die Wall
Stainless Steel Exterior On Bar Side, Stainless Steel Upright Structure
Model # PR-BARDIE-SS $459 per foot
 Front Panels Can Attach Directly To Bar Die Structure.
  For More Information, Contact Our SmartFab Department at 800-645-3166 or
   Flat Panel Section
w/ Recessed Outlet
   Ice Bin Section
  Cabinet Section
 stainless steel dRainboaRd FilleRs
Bolt On To Sides Of Equipment Multiple Angles Available • Optional Legs (See Page 106)
Contact SmartFab Department For Details & Pricing
    baR die systeM accessoRies & ModiFications
Factory Installed Only - Except SU-BDB-100 (Supplied Loose For In Field Positioning)
Floor Templates Available
SU-82 Call For Price
Templates Are Printed On Paper Rolls & Are Marked For Easy Alignment

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