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E    Now That’s SMART FABRICATION Now That’s SMART FABRICATION NDSG-18-72 Double Tier Food Shield TM TM  HB-SS-309 Enclosed Base Table TA-71 Mount Heat Lamps TA-34 Cut-Outs     TA-500A Custom Vinyl Wrap Co for TA-58 Step Down CREATE, ACCESSORIZE, UPSELL Buildatable And Buildasink Are Simple And Easy-To-Use Website Tools That Allow You To Click And Choose Accessories For Either A Work Table Or Sink. .com .com by ® by ® For Smart FabricationTM Quotes Email or call our Estimating Department at 800-498-6634. LOOK AT WHAT WE’RE DOING CUSTOM FABRICATION • Installation of Buyout Equipment • Buyout Equipment Can Be Pre-Wired • Load Centers Added • Food Shields • Laminate & Custom Vinyl Wraps Designed In-House     ncealed Load Centers safety & easy access Custom Electrical Chases Wall Flashing in 16, 18 or for buyout equipment 20 Ga. Stainless Steel & polished to a satin finish     ONLINE SERVICES AVAILABLE AT ACCOUNT ACCESS - CREATE A CUSTOMER LOG-IN & FOLLOW THE COMPLETE PROCESS OF YOUR ORDERS KEEP TRACK OF: • Print Status • Shipment Tracking Status • Real-time Order Status • Latest Sales Flyer • Excess Inventory Lists ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE: • Spec Sheets, CAD & Revit Drawings • Installation Guides • Product Support • Photo & Video Library • Literature Requests YOU CAN ALSO FIND US ON AUTOQUOTES & KCL CADALOG       CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AVAILABLE TO ASSIST YOU! (8:30AM – 7:00PM EST) CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AVAILABLE TO ASSIST YOU! (8:30AM – 7:00PM EST)           

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