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Replacement Parts For Hot Food Tables
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Gas Valve
SU-P-101 $83 Valve Adapter
SU-P-104 $49 Gas Pilot Valve
SU-P-108 $61 Gas Regulator
SU-P-109 $113
for gaS hot food tableS
Jet Burners SU-P-105 $128
NAT 5/16 #61
SU-P-106 $128 LP 5/16 #74
Gas Pilot
For Wet Bath Units
SU-P-107 $199 Gas Deflector
SU-P-411 $35 Standard HFxG Units SU-P-412 $51 Stainless For SU-32G Wells
for electric hot food tableS
Pilot Assembly
   SU-P-102 $94 Gas Infinite
 Control Knob SU-P-202 $47
         electric heating eleMentS
For Exposed Element (Dry) Models SU-P-207 $128
500W 120V
SU-P-204 $128 1000W 240V
For Concealed Element Sealed Well (Wet) Models SU-P-209 $147
640W 120V
SU-P-206 $147 1100W 240V
SU-P-210 $147 1100W 120V - For Drop-In Units Only
Thermostatic Control
Replacement Thermostatic Control
SU-P-220A $233 Per Well 120v/240v, 24” lead For Free-Standing Sealed Well Hot Food Units
SU-P-220B $233 Per Well 120v/240v, 24” lead For Drop-In Sealed Well Hot Food Units
Electric Infinite Control Knob
SU-P-201 $47
Thermostatic Knob
(For Units with Thermostatic Control) SU-P-219 $50
Infinite Control SU-P-205 $112
SU-P-215 $112 240V
Indicator Lights SU-P-216 $81
SU-P-217 $81 240V
High Limit Switch Assembly SU-P-208 $173
1 1/2” Drain
Stainless Steel
For Wetbath Tables
SU-P-103 $67 Strainer Screen
For Sealed Well Tables
SU-P-403 $21
Replacement Sealed Well Sub-Assembly
SU-P-401 $792 Without Element or High Limit Switch
SU-P-402 $46 Sealed Well or Element Pan Only
NEMA Plugs
8’ Cord Set
SU-P-230 $107 NEMA 5-20P
SU-P-231 $298 NEMA L5-30P
SU-P-232 $107 NEMA 6-20P
SU-P-233 $298 NEMA L6-30P
SU-P-234 $166 NEMA 5-15
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