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                                    123UNDERBAR ACCESSORIES Prestige Underbar Modifications & AccessoriesPrestige Ice Bin AccessoriesPRA-BR-3 3-Bottle Well Support Frame For Ice Bin(For 20” Wide Units & Required For Use w/ Cover - Bottle Wells Not Included - Use A-20) ....... $167PRA-2405 24” Condiment Rack (Five 1/9” Removable Plastic Condiment Cups. Racks Hang On Backsplash Of Ice Bin) ....... 724Prestige Bar Sink AccessoriesSU-20RorL Right or Left Side Splash for 20” Wide Unit ....... 255SU-20RL Right & Left Side Splash for 20” Wide Unit ....... 505SU-25RorL Right or Left Side Splash for 25” Wide Unit ....... 304SU-25RL Right & Left Side Splash for 25” Wide Unit ....... 678Prestige Underbar ModificationsSU-4 Modify Prestige Series Backsplash to 4” Tall ....... 33 Lin. Ft.SU-12A 13” S/S “H” Leg Assembly(Includes Adjustable Front-to-Back Cross-Bracing) ....... 347 PairSU-12B S/S “H” Leg Assembly For Extra Deep Ice Bins(Includes Adjustable Front-to-Back Cross-Bracing) ....... 347 PairSU-27 Cabinet Door Lock w/ Key ....... 451SU-30 Soda Chase Provision (For Ice Bins w/ Backsplash Only) ....... 637SU-36 Add Waste Chute (Blender Stations Only) ....... 1089SU-44 Add S/S Glass Rack Slides(Prestige Glass Rack Storage Cabinets Only) ....... 780 2/SetSU-46 Add S/S Full Extension Roller Slides(Prestige Glass Rack Storage Cabinets Only) ....... 1300SU-47 Add S/S Concealing Drawer Front(Prestige Glass Rack Storage Cabinets Only) ....... 651SU-62C Recess GFI Outlet For Bar Die (Wiring by Others) ....... 685SU-73 Add Mirror Finish Factory Install Only ....... 582SU-74 All Stainless Steel Construction Upgrade ....... 692SU-75 Add Welded Stainless Steel Cross-Bracing ....... 166SU-77 Modify Cabinet to be 25” Wide (Prestige Drainboard Cabinets Only) ....... 119TUBING CHASESLIDING STAINLESS STEEL COVERSFor Ice BinsSTAINLESS STEEL TRASH RECEPTACLE COVERTrash Bin Not Included • Factory Install OnlyPRA-19-TC For 20” Unit $288PRA-24-TC For 25” Unit 300PRA-SSC-12 Fits 12” Ice Bin $275PRA-SSC-18 Fits 18” Ice Bin 279PRA-SSC-24 Fits 24” Ice Bin 285PRA-SSC-30 Fits 30” Ice Bin 310PRA-SSC-36 Fits 36” Ice Bin 334PRA-SSC-42 Fits 42” Ice Bin 419PRA-SSC-48 Fits 48” Ice Bin 430PRA-SSC-PT30 Fits PR-44X30SP-10L or R& PR-42X30-10L or R614PRA-SSC-PT42 Fits PRPT-2442, PRPT-2442-10,PR-44X42SP-10L or R& PR-42X42-10L or R659PrestigeSoda Gun HolderMounts In Prestige Underbar Line Up• Provides Housing For WunderBar® Soda Gun(14 Button or Smaller)• Built-In Soda Gun Holder with Drip Cup• Cover Allows Easy Access To Make Adjustments• Keeps Tubing Lines Hidden For A Cleaner Workspace• Includes BacksplashPRSH-19-6ShownNOTE: Drain Connection Is Required On Drip CupPrestige Underbar Add-OnsStainless Steel Underbar FillersMultiple Angles Available • Optional Legs• Removable Perforated Drainboard Top• Bolt On To Sides Of Equipment• For Odd Shape Underbar Line UpsSee Page 109Stainless Steel Base CabinetAvailable With Or Without Doors• Provides Extra Storage In Bar Line Up• Optional Door LockContact Our SmartFab Department For Details & • 800-645-3166PRSJT-12 $994• Open Unit• Accommodates Slim Jim® Trash Can Measuring11” x 20” x 25” (15 7/8 Gallon Capacity)* • Units Mount Between Equipment Line Up• Overall Size: 12” x 25” x 21”• 33 lbs. 4 Cu. Ft.Corner Filler ShownSINGLE SODA GUN HOLDER (Holds One Gun On One Side)Model # PriceSize*L x W x HApprox. WeightApprox.Cu. Ft.PRSH-19-4 $948 20” x 4” x 36” 19 lbs. 3PRSH-19-6 948 20” x 6” x 36” 19 lbs. 3PRSH-24-4 1080 25” x 4” x 36” 20 lbs. 3PRSH-24-6 1080 25” x 6” x 36” 20 lbs. 3*Height is from the finished floor to the top of the splash PRA-BR-3PRA-2405
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