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                                    106ElectricalConduitRemovable Panel For Beer/Soda Line InstallationPlumbing LinesDrain ConduitBar Top And Drink Rail Can Be Fabricated From Equipment Drawings Ahead Of Time. Front Panels Can Attach Directly To Bar Die Structure. PRPOS-18(Point of ServiceCabinet)PRF-20-45ICM(60º Inside Corner)PRF-20-45ICM(60º Inside Corner)SU-62C (Recessed GFI Outlet)SU-62C (Recessed GFI Outlet)SU-78 (Upgrade to 18 Ga.)SU-62C (Recessed GFI Outlet)PRF-20-45ICM(60º Inside Corner)PRF-20-45ICM(60º Inside Corner)PRC-19-48L-10 (Ice Bin & Storage Combo)GWHT-24 (Glass Washer)GWHT-24 (Glass Washer)PRDSR-48(Speed Rail)PRDSR-48(Speed Rail)PRHSST-24-12 (Hand Sink)PRHSST-24-12 (Hand Sink)PRSJT-12-DR (Trash Cabinet)PRWC-19-18 (Dump Sink with Waste Chute)PRSCD-19-18 (Drainboard Cabinet)PRF-2045ICM(60º Corner Filler)PRPOS-18-DR(Point of Sales Cabinet)PRF-2045ICM(60º Corner Filler)PR-44X42SP-10R (Pass-Thru Workstation)PRLR-18(Liquor Display Cabinet)PRLR-18(Liquor Display Cabinet)PRLR-18(Liquor Display Cabinet)PRRS-19-12(Blender Stations)PRRS-19-12(Blender Stations)PRSJT-24-DR (Trash Cabinet)PRSJT-12-DR (Trash Cabinet)BBR-35 (Back Bar Refrigeration)BBR-35 (Back Bar Refrigeration)PRSCD-19-18 (Drainboard Cabinet)BBR-35 (Back Bar Refrigeration)MODULAR BAR DIE SYSTEMExclusively For Advance Tabco’s Prestige Bar EquipmentFloor TemplatesAvailableSU-82Call Factory For PricingQuality & CustomerSatisfaction Is Our Top Priority!Our factory takes the time to set up your entire Bar Die System to ensure all equipment properly fits and matches your specifications. ✔Actual Job Shown Set Up for Quality Check Sample Modular Bar Die LayoutContact Our SmartFab Department For Details
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