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MODS & ACCESSORIES Instant Hot Water ON dEmANd This unit allows for hand sinks to be installed in remote areas with just a cold water supply and available 30 amp electric power. There is no delay or wasted water while waiting for hot water to reach the faucet. Includes Heater & Plumbing Hardware. 7-PS-92 $2092 Hand kM atio &A ies Sin od ific ns Only 1 Single Supply Line Of Cold Water Is Required To Feed The Unit! HANDSINK NOT INCLUDED cce s sor = Ships Via UPS       All items Below Ship Via UPS C-Fold Style Paper Towel & Soap Dispenser Mounts On 17” Wide Hand Sinks Only 1-1/2” IPS 3-1/2” Basket Drain Assembly K-6 $42 Drain Basket For K-6 K-310 $26 1-1/2” IPS Standard Chrome Plated P-Traps 22 Gauge 7-PS-14 $108 17 Gauge 7-PS-10 $122 SOAp & TOwEL diSpENSERS      Wall Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser 7-PS-35 $302 dRAiNS, pARTS & p-TRApS Wall Mounted Liquid Soap Dispenser 7-PS-12 $164 Wall Mt. Liquid Soap Dispenser Stainless Steel K-13 $373 Deck Mounted Liquid Soap Dispenser K-12 $137 7-PS-34 $985   K-26 $146 Lever Drain with P-Trap & Overflow K-67 $146 Lever Drain Without Overflow   1-1/2” IPS 2” Drain Assembly w/ Strainer Plate K-63 $34 Replacement Strainer Plates REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR K-26 DRAIN           for 3-1/2” Drain K-410 $23 for 2” Drain K-411 $21 K-67B Model # K-67A K-67B K-67C K-67D K-67E K-410 K-67C K-67A K-67E        K-67D    Replacement Washers for 3-1/2” Drains K-67F $12 (Set of 2) Description Price Tail Piece with Overflow Branch Only $25 Overflow Hose with 2 Spring Clips 15 Plastic 90o Overflow Head & Body 12 Lever Handle for K-26 Drain 13 Plastic Stopper (Includes ”O” Ring) 12      13 

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