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Hand Sanitizer Stands


Many operators will be required to add a hand sanitizing station to the entrance of their dining area. In today's environment there is no way to be sure what type of hand sanitizer container your clients will be able to access.


Introducing adjustable stands to fit virtually any size of pump Container



  • Fully recyclable Aluminum Construction


  • Adjustable to fit virtually any height Container up to 16” tall.


  • Accepts Containers up to 7” diameter with less than 2” diameter throat.


  • 13” x 13” base. Footprint minimizes space required.


  • Support mechanism stabilizes Container container and prevents it from being knocked off the stand or easily stolen.


  • Fast availability. Ships From Tennessee


  • Can ship by parcel carrier


    MODEL: SST-24 24” Tall Bottle Platform
    (Recommended for gallon containers)
    $375.00 List Price

    MODEL: SST-36 36” Tall Bottle Platform
    (Suitable for smaller containers)
    $445.00 List Price


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SST Series

Top Bracket Accepts
Most Pumps

SST Thumb Screw

Thumb Screw Easily
Secures Post In Place

SST Base

13" x 13"

Advance Tabco Hand Sanitizer Stands
For Many Applications

SST For Entrance Ways

Entrance Ways

For office Areas

Office Areas

SST Rest Room Area

Outside Of Rest Rooms

For office Areas

Cafeterias & Lunch Rooms


SST-36 Shown

SST Front View

SST Front View

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